Direct Access Course

Direct Access Course

If you are aged 24 or over or have held an A2 licence for two years you can get an unrestricted motorcycle licence by taking a Direct Access course and test. A full bike licence entitling you to ride any size of machine is gained through this course.


You will need to be aged 24 or over or have held an A2 licence for two years. If you have not passed the A1 or A2 test you will need to hold a valid CBT certificate and have a valid motorcycle theory test pass. If you do not hold a valid CBT certificate, then you will have to complete a CBT before starting this course. Your theory test arranged by ringing 0300 200 1122 or by visiting DVSA website.

It will be possible to take this course at 21 if you have passed the A2 test and at least two years have elapsed.

Your upgrade to a 600cc motorcycle will depend on your experience.

Flexibility: As the course fee is charged at an hourly rate you can choose training to suit your needs.

A typical course for experienced riders would be spread over two or three separate days i.e. 

CBT (if required) followed by Module 1 training and test and finally Module 2 training and test.

Novices and less experienced riders would generally need an extra day's training.

Module 1

This consists of a series of manoeuvres that are conducted at the DSA Multi Purpose Test Centre. Some of these are at slow speeds (such as a slalom, figure of eight and a U-Turn) and some at higher speeds (a controlled stop, emergency stop and a 50kmh, (about 32 mph) avoidance manoeuvre), which require a good standard of machine handling skills.

Our CBT site is big enough to simulate the Module 1 test safely. After completing your Module 1 training you will be fully prepared for your test and your instructor will accompany you to the local test centre to take the Module 1 practical test.

The fees for Module 1 training are usually between £150 - £200, including test fees.

Module 2

This test consists of a 35 minute road ride. At the start of the test the examiner will brief you. You will have an eye-sight test and be asked a number of safety questions before being given a final briefing. The rest of the test will be conducted on the road.

Module 2 training will totally prepare you for all aspects of the test and will be conducted on the road. The training will be done on all of the routes that you will come across on your test.

The fees for Module 2 training are usually between £250 - £300, including test fees.

Life after A2

Once you have passed Module 1 and Module 2 via the Direct Access route, you will receive a full unrestricted motorcycle licence.